Friday, December 14, 2012

Fuzzy Automata

      Fuzzies are smoky blobs from the Mario series that move along pipes making it hard for Mario and his friends to pass. This model is an automata, meaning the Fuzzy moves.

Height: 5 in.
Width 3 in.
Page Number: 5
Difficulty: Easy
Designer: TheGreenAero(Link101)

This model does not have a pdo so be careful. It should be a straightforward build. Make sure you print the images all the same size or the model will be unbuildable. Also, you must cut a straight line down the center of the pole so you can insert the Fuzzy and make him move.



  1. Do you have any instructions?; I need a little help!

    1. Yes, sorry there isn't a pdo for this one. To build it, assemble the yellow pole and glue it to the bottom orange posts. Then, cut a line in the yellow pole and assemble the fuzzy and glue the two yellow strips to the back of it. Stick that in the pole and then assemble the base. It has different pieces that make up each side of the octagon. The thinner pieces act as the sides. Hope this helps!

  2. How does this move, by itself?

  3. Is there a certain thickness of paper you'd recommend? The thickest paper I have (at the moment) is 60 lbs. Would that work?